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Clinical Skin Peels

Experience your skins true uniqueness with a personalised skin peel

Have you tried skin rejuvenations services? Surskin offers the best in Perth WA

Synergie Skin’s Professional Peel treatments are designed to reduce the appearance of visible imperfections and irregularities to reveal a revitalised epidermal texture with minimal downtime and immediate results. Our clinical Peels start from $195.00. Please

Benefits & Details

Our broad selection of chemical peel options gives us the ability to choose the ideal acid to target our client's skin concerns. Our peel solutions have the capacity to stimulate collagen remodelling to address the signs of ageing, inhibit discolouration, decongest blocked pores and clear breakouts, while easing the signs of inflammation as well as increase hyaluronic acid production and moisture retention, to plump the skin and boost hydration.

We currently offer

Enzyme HydroPeel – Premature ageing, solar damage, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, skin congestion.

Salicylic Acid Peel (5%, 10%, 20%) – Problematic acne, congestion, inflammatory skin concerns such as rosacea.

Lactic Acid Peel (20%, 30%, 40%) – Premature ageing, solar damage, fine lines, dehydration, hyperpigmentation.

Layered Peel (Salicylic/Lactic) – Problematic acne, congestion, premature ageing, solar damage, fine lines, dehydration, hyperpigmentation.

Tetra Acid-50 Peel – Hyperpigmentation, solar damage, fine lines, acne, congestion, enlarged pores, excessive oil flow.

Modified Jessner Peel – Hyperpigmentation, open pores, excessive oil flow, fine lines, solar damage, congestion, combination skin

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