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PRIN Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Mask

A holistic and effective treatment for achieving vibrant, healthy skin.

Surskin performs the best lymphatic mask therapies in Perth WA

PRIN Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Mask is Australian Made and Owned, and features native Australian botanicals. The mask gradually tightens to bring blood and oxygen to the skin’s surface, creating healthy responsive skin. This treatment can be customised in 5 levels to suit various skin concerns. With little to no downtime, you will always leave glowing! Level 1 includes a cleanse, exfoliation and application and removal of the Lymphatic Enzyme Mask.

Benefits & Details

Prin's Lymphatic Therapy is an innovative skin therapy that works with your body's circulatory system, facilitating reverse osmosis which plays a crucial role in detoxifying the lymphatic system and nourishing cells through the bloodstream.

Lymphatic Enzyme Mask Therapy: Level 1 $170.00

Lymphatic Enzyme Mask Therapy: Level 2 $195.00

Lymphatic Enzyme Mask Therapy: Level 3 $220.00

Your senior dermal therapist will recommend the level of therapy for you in your consultation based on your skin type and skin goals.

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